All I Want For Christmas . . .

Merry Christmas Everyone !

What does Christmas mean to you ? Christmas is all about celebrating with your loved ones, smiling and a day full of happiness. One question I want to ask, well this is the second actually. Why is it when Christmas is over everyone goes off the happiness and ho ho ho spirit that filled our hearts. Its called ” reality”.

I am so grateful for everything I got over this period from my birthday to Christmas day. As you can see from the photographs I got things that I definitely wanted and also essentials that I need, I think it is always important to have things that you need and that you will use. It starts to get a bit crazy when people just buy and buy but the person doesn’t actually need it, that is something we are need to learn. It doesn’t matter if the person knows what your getting them but at least they will enjoy it. I think , but it should still be a surprise right ha ha.

I would love if you could all comment and tell me what you wanted for Christmas whether it be some chicken, parsnips, love, a cuddle or even some popcorn to occupy you while watching the grinch online.


Much Love Desriee



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