Bazaar Tuesday

Tuesday’s aren’t normally exciting but felt like today was very productive and funny at the same time.. I had finished watching OCD help hoaders on TV with my mum and after that I had some urge to start cleaning my room and was literally bleaching everything from the laminate floors to my doors and my make up desk. Yes, it felt and looked amazing clean and as white as anything. You know after you finish cleaning and your just like ” change the bedding, get some room spray then chill and watch a movie or catch up with your latest american series. Today was love and hip hop for me and started watching it , it started getting heated as per usual and then my internet stops …. Okay , I thought okay maybe everyone in the house is just overusing the internet then tried to charge my phone … not working. So it is not the overuse of the internet , power cut has just struck in my area. Believe it or not I was looking outside my window and there was just so much smoke and was going on for about 45 minutes to an hour. Can you guys believe , I even feel like you need to close your eyes and re open when I just tell you how it happened. ” A secondary school boy was angry about his homework that was given to him so he chucked it in the river which is a park behind my area and set it on fire” , It is more than crazy I was just in so much shock because I generally thought it was just a simple forest fire or one of those electrical problems in the area. It even affected about 5 different towns that were close by to where I lived.

Other than that , I bought the new issue of Harpers Bazaar in Tesco’s this morning while on a hunt for some new white wide leg trousers , I have seen the ones on Missguided but just scared of how it will fit and also the length of the trousers to. Bazaar has some new features of the colours for the new season and also silhouttes it is very similar to Vogue but at least you have a bit to read and some dead drop gorgeous garments to browse at as well. I have an exciting week coming up as I will be going to the pretty little thing event this week and will be back to vlogging on that day (more than excited)

Much Love Desriee xo


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