abcdefghI have come to realise that I am more of a travel/lifestyle blogger than I am anything else and I get told this all but I’m always like ‘No No , fashion fashion’ and the reason for that is because I study, breathe and live fashion so anything taking me away from that gets me sad ha ha. If you follow me you will know I went on a short family break to Milan, which was so lovely and I needed it. Even though it rained, the best thing was to be away from London and my normal daily activities. I thought it would be nice to show you some of the photographs and also talk to you about the best places to go and also where you should stay.

We stayed in an apartment and I will link all the websites below of where to find all the good stores etc and also the pricing of everything. Bare in mind Milan is not cheap it is one of the fashion cities so be prepared to have your money saved if your looking for designer items to purchase but there are also the high street stores as well.

Travelling to Milan :
The flight to Milan takes 1 hour 45 minutes and that is literally like a journey from Essex to Heathrow so you can sleep and you’ll be in Milan. We flew with British Airways and flying out was nice. I would advice if you want to fly business class then you need to book prior as Milan is a fashion and business city so a lot of business people will be flying out and would have booked way before.

On the way back, British Airways on that side in Italy was the worst service I have ever experienced. The plane was delayed over two hours and I didn’t mind because I didn’t have anywhere to go when I got home but there were other people who had other flights to get. A man next to me had a flight to catch at 6pm and we arrived at 6pm due to there being only one woman at the check in at like 2.30 and then the same woman who was letting us board what a joke it was.

How much to take to Milan :
It really depends on what you are going to the city for and how long you are staying, some people like to go out to eat and then do a bit of city touring etc which is nice and others want to explore the glamorous side, it is really up to you but Milan is not a cheap city but the food is very reasonable. Milan is actually like London to be honest there are the cheap and expensive areas for food and shopping.

Where to shop in Milan :
– Corso Buenos Aires | High street stores
-Via Montenapoleone | Designer stores
– Via Torino | High street stores

Where to eat in Milan:
We were recommended a place by the man who was in charge of Friendly rentals in Milan but a majority of the restaurants are nice and you can’t go wrong with the food. If your not that hungry then I would say to go to the more tourist restaurants but if you want a big meal then go to the family owned restaurants because when I ordered carbonara let me let you know it was a massive amount of pasta on that plate.

What to tour in Milan :
The one place you have to go to that I absolutely fell in love with La Galleria and I have been to Milan before but I was very young so I didn’t really remember a lot but it is nice that I could come back and appreciate the views more. La Galleria is just so beautiful there are many designer stores inside and restaurants but the architecture alone you need to see in real life and just admire it and have a minute silence.

In all honesty, get the tour bus and it will literally take you everywhere and you can jump on and off as well.

Where to stay in Milan : 
If you prefer to stay in a hotel then I can still advice you but I haven’t stayed in a hotel for over 8 years now I think and I travel every year. On the good side, I would recommend this website called ‘Friendly rentals’ and they have some amazing apartments in 27 different cities where you can find an apartment that caters for 18 guests. I think you also have to be over 24 or 25 to rent the apartment out or whoever decides to book it. I have linked the the website for where you can book your apartments and there are different choices which is nice and there is a location of where you pick your keys up and everything else which I may speak about the company in a separate post to tell you more about how our experience has been. Apartments –Friendly rentals

If you have any questions or anything I may not of mentioned please comment & I will get back to you with an answer.

Much Love

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