Style File: 2016 Style Starter

Everyone always say don’t copy the trends have your own style but we all get inspired by someone whether it’s your mum, Kim Kardashian, the queen or even the woman on your train every morning. I have been doing some research from 2015 into what is in through style websites, bloggers and some celebrities. Bloggers are the best because they create a mixture of past season style and current.

A lot of you may not know the website WGSN unless you are in the creative industry. This website lets you know what the colours, prints, patterns and style will be for upcoming years. Let me just give you the insight, the colour are the most important thing when shopping that is what you see first. Some of these colours i mention you may never go next to or even pick up or even ha ha look at. I have made a small mood board on my favourite essential colours for Fall 2016, let me know what colours are your favourite as well.
Remember one rule everything look different from being on the hanger to on the body !


  • Eggplant also known as a grape purple
  • Claret also known as Burgundy but lighter
  • Turquoise
  • Burnt Orange
  • Kale also known as grey
  • Mustard Seed

Its going to get colder and colder, this christmas was very nice so if we didn’t have a real cold winter be expecting it this year so yes you can still wear the culottes just thing time pair it with a thick cable knit jumper and some sneakers. Click the brands and it will direct you straight to different pieces.



Top Images (L-R) – Miroslava Duma , Image from pinterest, Kendall Jenner
Bottom Image (L-R) Monkih London based blogger and images from pinterest.

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