Style File: 2016 Style Starter


Everyone always say don’t copy the trends have your own style but we all get inspired by someone whether it’s your mum, Kim Kardashian, the queen or even the woman on your train every morning. I have been doing some research from 2015 into what is in through style websites, bloggers and some celebrities. Bloggers are the best because they create a mixture of past season style and current. [Read more…]

Valencia Look | Two Sets Of Stripes


Day three , we went to a shopping outfit in the outskirts of Valencia which had different designer brands that were selling clothing and shoes then another area which was just the normal stores such as; Kiko, H&M, Zara, Primark, Blanco, Sfera etc.. The weather was hot as usual just got a few pieces from Zara, make up from Flormar and Kiko.  [Read more…]

Valencia Look | Bright With A Split


BEACH BEACH BEACH , finally the day came that I could get into a bikini and not worry about being cold or putting a jacket on just being free and enjoying the Spanish sun on my skin. The dress that I wore seemed so perfect for the beach as it was a long bright yellow maxi dress very easy to take off and put your bikini on straight after. [Read more…]

Valencia Look | Crisp & Clean


Finally, I am in away from London and embracing a different culture that includes having a bit of sunshine on a daily basis ha ha. I will be uploading my outfits and also what I get up to on a daily basis and you can follow me on my social networking sites to find out when my vlog will be up on my channel for you all to see what I have been getting up to. [Read more…]

Bazaar Tuesday


Tuesday’s aren’t normally exciting but felt like today was very productive and funny at the same time.. I had finished watching OCD help hoaders on TV with my mum and after that I had some urge to start cleaning my room and was literally bleaching everything from the laminate floors to my doors and my make up desk. Yes, it felt and looked amazing clean and as white as anything. You know after you finish cleaning and your just like ” change the bedding, get some room spray then chill and watch a movie or catch up with your latest american series. [Read more…]

Mango Tree | Belgravia


This is a  very late late post but my boyfriend and I have been planning to do this for a while now and I am finally doing it. We suggested that as we eat out quite a lot we should start doing reviews of restaurants and as summer is coming up everyone is always looking for a nice place to eat whether it is with a rooftop terrace in Essex or a turkish restaurant in Knightsbridge, we will be rating them out of 10 for food, presentation, waiting time, location, layout and a general overview as well. I might start featuring this on my youtube channel , not too sure as I don’t have a vlogging camera at the moment so can’t be taking the use SLR out. [Read more…]

Wednesday Lust.



Don’t tell me off everyone, I know I have been MIA but life has been so busy for the past three weeks but I am back now and I will be sorting out a schedule for my blog and youtube channel. I am currently working with one of my friends who will be taking photographs of my looks and I know you all prefer that a lot more. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone I reached 500 subscribers last month and Youtube has been very lovely and warm to what I do. [Read more…]

Wool Blend Cardigan.


Hello everyone, hope your all well and your enjoying the new layout and posts on, this is a new piece in my wardrobe and currently obsessing over it. I know it looks huge but it’s an XS but it has that oversized look to it, with my HM discount I only got it for £12 from £39.99 and it was such a bargain especially from HM trend as well. The weather has been changing some days it is pouring rain, sunny and windy who knows what the weather is next it is never [Read more…]

Loving Yourself


This was an evening to reflect on situations and release any grudge or emotions that were kept inside. Besides having a lovely day at this spa and having a clear mind while sitting in the jacuzzi and snapping photographs by the pool, every post has a story behind it. As you can see my the photographs, I was enjoying myself those cakes were delicious and had some apple juice [Read more…]

Crisp, Minimal & Clean


I have been browsing around different stores and I think that February was the month that I found some more pieces to add to my minimal collection for this season and my upcoming holiday as well. I am going to be filming a March Lookbook soon of casual/smart outfits that can be worn throughout the week and during the change of weather as well. [Read more…]