April Style Icon.

She is my everyday and lifetime style inspiration to me honest.

Name: Miroslava Duma
Age: 32
Occupation: Digital projects investor, founder of buro247
Location: Russia
Style in three words: colourful, minimal and chic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/miraduma
Blog: Buro247.com (fashion news, styles and trends)

A few photographs of her style below, I love everything she wears and she
has a similar body frame to me so I find her such a good person to look to for
inspiration. If you like my style and wonder where I get it from it is from the beautiful Ms Duma.

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Wool Blend Cardigan.

Hello everyone, hope your all well and your enjoying the new layout and posts on Desriee.com, this is a new piece in my wardrobe and currently obsessing over it. I know it looks huge but it’s an XS but it has that oversized look to it, with my HM discount I only got it for £12 from £39.99 and it was such a bargain especially from HM trend as well. The weather has been changing some days it is pouring rain, sunny and windy who knows what the weather is next it is never [Read more…]

Loving Yourself

This was an evening to reflect on situations and release any grudge or emotions that were kept inside. Besides having a lovely day at this spa and having a clear mind while sitting in the jacuzzi and snapping photographs by the pool, every post has a story behind it. As you can see my the photographs, I was enjoying myself those cakes were delicious and had some apple juice [Read more…]

Crisp, Minimal & Clean

I have been browsing around different stores and I think that February was the month that I found some more pieces to add to my minimal collection for this season and my upcoming holiday as well. I am going to be filming a March Lookbook soon of casual/smart outfits that can be worn throughout the week and during the change of weather as well. [Read more…]

Touch Of Camel

IMG_6972 If you have been following me on the social networking sites you will know this is my all time favourite coat, it is my shopping, work and quick-run-and-go coat. It can be dressed up for a special occasion and then to a chilled outfit with a pair of nike rose runs for a casual day. If you have been keeping up with fashion week you will see that the camels, browns and nudes were on the runway. It has been by far the best trend colour palette of all time…. ” why ” because it suits every skin complexion from a Caucasian lady in her 50s to a Mediterranean guy guy in his 20s. I actually saw a lady who was maybe in her late 60s in this beautiful camel coat and I stopped her to ask and she said it was her mum’s and she finds it so nice how the younger generation are inspired by looks from her era. The trends that we browse and admire are all [Read more…]

Stay Fresh

It is important to make sure your skin is spot free, fresh and healthy. If you want to put layers and layers of make up on your face that is up to you but it is essential to make sure it all comes off at night or when your about to sleep. I have started this new routine every month where I don’t wear any make up for 4 days straight, that means no foundation because that is the main product that will cause you to break out in spots. [Read more…]

Relaunch of Desriee.com

welcomeWelcome back everyone, it has been a while and everyone has been asking me where my blog has been and what has happened to it. I sadly lost a majority of the data of Desriee.com, so photographs and posts but you know what look on the bright side this is a new start and God will only provide me with new blessings upon this fashion blog. [Read more…]