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Luxury Make Up

14 Oct 2014

Hello Hello,

I am normally a high street make up girl you know the normal MAC, Maybelline, Rimmel etc but for the past four months I have decided to invest some money into some luxury make up. It is good to try out different make up brands, whether it is getting a small sample and using it for the day or even asking friends what they are using and testing it out in stores. As ladies our skin is forever changing due to weather and the change in make up or even the use of the same make up and the routine of taking it off as well.

The first one I bought was the Lévres Scintillantes glossimer no189 rose révé from Chanel priced at £22, I love this lipgloss because it stays on and I only apply it three times in a day when using it, it has ultra gloss look and a very natural finish on the lips. The second product was the Nars ‘Larger Than Life Lipgloss’ which is £19.50 , it has a very nude/pink shine and effect on the lips a problem that I find is that the brush is very small and for someone with big lips like myself you will be there forever. It is very similar to the MAC Soar lipstick but just in a gloss so if you are more of a glossy girl then this is a good item to purchase.

The last two are from Christian Dior, Dior Addict Lip Maximizer lipgloss which I didn’t find that amazing it stayed on the lips but later made my lips a bit dry but did make my lips feel stingy and I didn’t realise but it is obviously to make your lips bigger so I later stopped using this product, I don’t have a picture but if you visit the website you can view it there. I am leaving the best to last is my new favourite and popular foundation at the moment is the DiorSkin Star priced at £32.00 which leaves you a long lasting and spectacular flow and finish. I was introduced to this by Patricia from work and her make up is stunning like no joke she is like make up inspiration check her on instagram she looks flawless at all tiem (@callmepatriciaa) I was talking to one of the ladies at Dior and she gave me some brief information on how she gets so many customers who have used MAC and come to Dior with such bad skin. I think that there are so many make up brands that are more for models and video vixens which is only put on the skin for a few hours and not all day. Dior is also used for the same clientele but is more long lasting and you literally don’t feel like you have make up on your face at all.

I rambled on for a while but hope you like the post I sure do lol.
Kind Kisses and hugs.

Intimissimi Lingerie

14 Oct 2014

Welcome October,

This is for the ladies that love their lingerie , so I am not normally the lady that goes all out on lingerie as long as it is comfortable and it fits right then I am ready to go. I don’t know if you agree ladies but when you put on your bra and knickers it gives you this sexiness and a bit more confidence in what your going to put on next. This set is from Intimissimi which is an Italian and I actually noticed in when I was abroad in Barcelona and popped int the store yesterday to have a browse and got this beautiful yellow bra and lace/microfiber brazilian panties. The bra was £28.00 and the panties were £9.00. I just wanted to share my love for this brand as I normally just go to La Senza or M&S or Primark so go and visit the store and see if there’s anything you like there.

Lots of Love

Nude Winters

15 Sep 2014

The famous nude look, I am just in love with the maxmara coat since I saw Kim Kardashian wearing it and this was a while ago but was still on a hunt to find a high street dupe. I recently went to Barcelona in August and was browsing around in Zara like I always do and found this beautiful camel coat for 129 euros I was in love and kept trying it on in every store and on the third day just had to purchase it. If your wondering it is available in the Zara stores in the UK which is being sold for £169. I matched it with a nude low plunge jumpsuit and black ankle strap heels. It is the nude winter look because it is some comfortable and still classy and added the famous red lip look from MAC Ruby Woo and my red nails.


Lipliner & Lipsticks

9 Sep 2014

If you follow me on instagram or any other social networking you will know that I have recently become a big fan of colour on my lips. I was always very shy with it because I felt that my lips were too big and I looked like a clown, I recently went to Barcelona and decided that would be the time to test lip-liners and lipsticks to see what was best. In the space of 3 weeks I purchased MAC cherry lip-liner, MAC matte ruby woo lipstick, MAC retro matte all fired up, Flormar lip-liner no.217, no.201 and no.205. The colours are not very bright besides the red and there are some dark red/pink and a nude. It was all about mixing and seeing what works with each other on the day.

I had a few people ask what I used on my lips in the two photographs from my Instagram and it was either one lip-liner or a mix of two and a lipstick. I think the first image I used the MAC vino lip-liner which is a very dark and bold purple so if your going for that look then this is a perfect lip-liner to use. I love the matte look on my lips so I just use vaseline before I apply any lip product on but making sure it isn’t too glossy. It is also important to know the shape of your lip and this is why I think a lip-liner is easier to create an amazing lip look.
The second image i used the MAC nightmoth lip-liner and my MAC rebel lipstick so I went super dark on this look and my family were telling me I looked like a witch ha ha, because I had my maxmara hat on and I felt like just the part that morning. I have come a long way as I was a big fan of nude and clear lip-gloss for a while but your face changes and also when you have a new hairstyle sometimes your make up techniques change and it may be for the good or bad but at least it was worth a try. Check these ladies out on youtube because that is where I get inspiration for lip tutorials and colours on youtube sometimes (msroshposh and tymetheinfamous)


Collabration Collection With Lykke Li – &otherstories

8 Sep 2014

I am back but with a bang, so if you didn’t know I work at &otherstories it is an amazing place to work with some great pieces for the current season that is on. The store consists of many different looks that can go well for a lot of women, even some men are in the store shopping for the over-sized knitwear, bomber jackets and many more pieces. Lykee Li has just launched her collaboration collection with &otherstories that hit the stores on Thursday, she is a Swedish indie pop singer and writer. Check her website out and her YouTube channel to tune into her music and what she is about as well. I had never heard her music before but it gets played in store quite a lot and I am normally singing along and when someone pointed it out the other day I was like wow she’s really good.

Her style consists of a lot of black and her signature pieces that you will see her wearing on stage and off would be the blazer and the bell bottom trousers. As I mentioned there is a lot of black but there is a spot of tan/caramel that has been added as well. There are a lot of these pieces that can be dressed up or down by simply adding some jewellery or adding a bit of colour, the colours are also perfect for the season with the right pieces such as the cashmere high neck sweater and the over-sized tote bag. I have chosen my three favourite pieces from the collection and maybe it gives you an insight to what is currently in her collection. Make sure you pop into the store at Regent Street/Argyll Street, London or go onto the website to purchase some of the amazing pieces before its gone.

1 – Cashmere sweater £95
2 – Sliders £79
3- Camisole £55